Not getting update with the Envato Market plugin

I hope this is in the correct forum…

For some reason I’m not getting any update notifications on the backend of my site.
Here’s a screencast of my settings and cron events.

In the video I look at the child theme for updates…and not the parent theme. I did check the parent theme and it’s not showing any updates as well. The new update was released today.

I HATE using FTP to update and would much rather use manual updates from the backend.
Anyone have any idea what’s going on?



What do you see when you navigate in the WP admin dashboard -> the left menu -> Envato Market -> Settings tab and click the Test API Connection button? If you’re getting an error there, just try to generate a new token, while deleting the existing ones ( I see in your video that you have two tokens generated for the same theme, maybe from there the issue, try deleting one of them)

On one of my websites where Envato Market plugin was not updating the theme, I was receiving the error in the image, when clicking the “test API Connection” button (the error disappeared when I generated a new token, with correct permissions

I see from the video that you have development knowledge, also try to enable the debugging log: or use a debugging plugin and check the debug.log file for potential errors regarding the update (server issues?)

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