Not an Author - Copyright Ninja Badge?


I am not an author but I do constantly see piracy issues with videohive content all over the net.
What is the procedure to report these copyright issues and get the copyright ninja badge?


Report them to the Envato Help Team by opening a support ticket here.


hi , no u cannot have anything , u can choose to report and help guys out but u are not going to get a badge or anything else, as the policy here is kind of a bit strange in a way , especially for a community place … . They have opted for enabling only authors to report the infringement of their own rights , which makes very little sense in my view. They say that this is because some guys may choose to give their items for free download … . Well i do not know who is the author that would post his item here and give it for free download somewhere else in the meanwhile … i guess that unless we are complete morons , this is not happening …

The thing is that ok, u have no expectations anymore with an item, then u withdraw it from here to avoid all possible problems with envato and after give the item for free download, u do not keep it in one side and give for free in the other one

i personally have seen many of my friends works being pirated in some places and i initially tried to contact Envato to let them know but after they answered , i had to contact concerned guys individually to let them know that there is something wrong with their items, that they are being pirated … where is the community thing in this one? Let’s face it , they say that they have to control, even if we report our own stolen items so they could do that very easily with other guys too … just send them a message and ask about the issue and afterwards do what it takes …


Thank you, n2n44. Seen that there is no “stupid badge” I have opted for notifying the author and asking for “something” in return if they want to know where their project is being pirated. It’s sad but seen that there’s no other compensation (like a simple stupid badge) than I have taken advantage of the situation. You would be amazed at how many authors are NOT aware of where their projects are being given for free or sold for a few bucks.


You could try reporting your logo, see if they give you the badge then. :smirk:


I don’t think it’s so much about ‘opting’ to do it this way, but more about who owns the copyright of the item in question and the rights available to them as a result.