Envato Didn't give me my badge!!

Before some days ago I found an item that was in somewhere in Envato, let’s not give more details, that item had 100+ sells, after some time I found the same item free to download and use under MIT license, I thought that that website is distributing the item illegally and I wanted to stop that, I contacted the Envato help and support and they said thanks we will look into it, the next day the item was removed from Envato and the other website in the same time, but I never got a copyright ninja badge, is this how it works or I just got ignored ??

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The badge is handed out at the discretion of the team handling those reports. I’m not sure what their deciding factors are, but it’s possible the site may have already been reported and they were just waiting for them to take action :smiley:


oh, but I’m really sure I was they only reporter because the removed it that exact night, knowing that the item was selling for over one year as I remember, :grin: where should I report next time, I don’t wanna do it wrong this time ??

You did it right :smiley: I’m just not sure what their badge requirements are. They could also be backlogged handing them out, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope it’s what is happening, and I’ll get it in the end, I understand now that the badges are being delivered manually ( at less some of them ), another thing, you’re from the Envato team :smile:, I feel like you know something and you’re acting :joy: anyway thanks for you’re time and your generosity.

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