No support at all Realtyspace

This a shame, we have paid for support and no answer at all.
We have written several tickets but no answer at all.
Documentation says it’s supported for PHP 7.X and NEWER BETTER but after update to PHP 8.0 or 8.1 or 8.2 the images are not croped , are shown in different sizes.

It’s either 8.x not supported or you have mis-configured the PHP settings on your hosting. NEWER usually refers to same version, it’s up to 7.4, not 8+

So , could anybody from the author : (email deleted) confirm if the theme is supported for PHP 8.x ?you are still selling their support but no answer for anyone…this is reportable

Contact the item author:

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I have done several times and no answer.
Is there a way to get the money back?

When did you purchase the item?