No result for submitted wp theme



Normaly,themeforest take 25 days for review wordpress theme but my wp theme already past 28 days,no any result or mail.What i can do now?
Waiting for help…


Judging by some of the forum posts in this topic [ThemeForest] Envato Review Times I think it’s more than 30 days now. There is nothing to do but wait.


I think that 28 days, See link Envato Times


Thank you!


29 days running…


You can always share a demo link here in the meantime to get general feedback on the chances of approval or what may need improving


Demo link


Sorry but 95% sure this is going to get rejected.

  • Basic fundamentals like typography, alignment, spacing and hierarchy etc. need a lot of work

  • The code does not validate fully

  • Design is quite outdated and simple

  • Not enough features or elements


hello @charlie4282
Yes you are right the theme must going to Hard reject. So @jilani53 suggestion from my side please update the all point which @charlie4282 says in comment above or see all others work on TF and try to make the premium look.
Better to Delete from review queue bcoz if once it Hard rejected you can upload this theme again with modification too.
Better do in next time

Thanks and Regards


20 days and no results :frowning:


Please let me know about this cv