My wordpress theme and plugin not approved almost a week

I have submitted my theme last week and still it is showing queued for preview. says wordpress will be approved in one single day.

I dont see any update. I also created a demo site and want to link the site ( and update the code. I dont want to delete it and restart the process again.

Kindly advise.

It was a theme and not just a plugin right?

Did you not include a demo in the original submission?

That review time site is just guidelines and not guaranteed.

Is the item still in your profile queue?

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It is a 80 percent plugin and 20 percent theme.

No. I did not include demo site, as this my first trial with theme forest.

Yes. It is still in queue.

Thanks for respondinh

Kindly excuse me if I m not clear on the product. I could answer only on developer perspective, as i m new to this kind of sale.

You need the plugin and theme to sync the web view.


No demo = immediate rejection usually

You need to determine what you are submitting I.e if it’s a theme then that’s themeforest it if it’s a plugin then that’s codecanyon (which the guidelines says is 12 days).

Which market did you submit to?

I submitted to code canyon only. But i did not submit the demo site… If i delete the old files and redo the process, should i wait for another 12 days

Potentilly yes but without that demo it’s very unlikely to be approved.

Check and

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Noted. Thanks for the support. Will do the needful.