No plugins required description

Hello everyone,

I am kinda new to the After effects , but I simply love it already. I can make some simple logo animations and stuff but I was wondering something and hopefully you guys can help me understand it.
I see some templates for sale here that are obviously using optical flares, particles etc, but in the description it says “no plugins required”. How is this achieved ? I just dont understand how can a template using trapcode particular for example, can be used by a user who dont have the particular on his AE. I would really appreciate your help to understand this.

Hi @mmboko

If the authors wrote in the description “no plugins required” it means that you can edit the project without any plugins… because the author include pre-renders version in that project. Hope this help.


Hello @yeremia. Thank you for the quick reply. So you mean…I can make a project for example with trapcode form, prerender the project and sell it. And when the buyer opens the prerendered .aex he wont need any plugins. Simply change logo and render right ? And as far as I remember…I read here that element 3d is not allowed to be prerendered right ?

Hi @mmboko

You can included pre-renders version in your project and the buyer don’t need the plugins to open or edit the project. You not allowed to include pre-renders version if you renders using Element 3D.

Thank you very much for the help ! I understand it now :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind that we cannot prerender flares using VC’s plugin Optical Flares.

Ok. Got this one aswell. Thank you @OsamaSayegh