No broadcast means iheartradio?


I have music production license for a beat. I want to advertise on iheartradio I just noticed that this license doesn’t allow for broadcast. Does that mean I can’t have it broadcast on the radio? What license do I need to allow it to be downloaded for a price, also, can I just purchase another license?

Also, can I get back the difference of what I originally paid for the music production license? Like can I get the 12.00 back I first paid, and pay the 38.00 for the broadcast license now?


I’m not familiar with iheartradio, but traditional radio broadcasts do indeed require one of the broadcast licenses (depending on the number of people this service can potentially reach).

Not sure what exactly you mean by that, but the licenses on Envato do not allow redistribution. You cannot make the music available on its own to anyone.

You want to contact support to upgrade your license. You should indeed be able to get back the difference.

That said, the fact that you’re talking of a “beat” that you want to broadcast on the radio and have people buy and download, does raise some red flags. It sounds like you’re using a AJ music track to turn it into a song, which is specifically prohibited as per Envato’s terms.

Thanks for responding so soon to my question. Are you saying I can’t use any of the beats, even if the beat references rock and roll in its title, to create a song that includes lyrics, and post it on spotify for people to listen to and pay money for? I thought that was indeed allowed for music production license and beyond.

no, that’s expressly prohibited by audiojungle terms of service

Unfortunately, that is what I’m saying indeed. The music licensed on Audiojungle is meant to be used as background music for videos (in most cases). They cannot be turn into songs. The terms explicitly prohibit this type of use.

Sorry, I had no idea. I can’t use audio jungle then. Can I just put it online for people to play and listen to on my site?

I think I understand, but it makes no sense. I’m glad I found out about this now.

Can I get in touch with the author and ask them if it is okay to use their beat in a song for advertising purposes, but not for sale?

Well, you have the “Contact the author” section on the author’s page where you can freely email him, if that’s what you mean.
As for the subject you touched - every license has its own specific purpose. Depending on the price, the permitted auditorium range is growing. So to speak, the lower the price, the more small gets the audience and the higher it gets, the number of people allowed to be reached by the item is growing. If you want to use the item just for listening purposes, you must not include the copyright usage of the audio track. E.g. it is not permitted to put the bought item into already finished media projects.
Hope that has helped!

You would be asking the author to breach the terms put forth by Envato.

This not what Audiojungle is for. Sorry to say, but you’d better look for other places aimed at your type of use.

I need some clarification here. I can put the song up on my site for people to click on to listen to. But not for sale, or download. Not quite sure what this means .

it is not permitted to put the bought item into already finished media projects.

No need for clarification, you just cannot do it. Whether it’s for sale or just for streaming for free, it’s not permitted.

Okay, I got some beats from Primeloops, I asked someone to remix and master the song. I’m not using the beat. Though I had already contacted the author, I don’t plan to use it anymore.

Can I use an AJ track in a stand-alone music track? What about sound effects?

You may not use music in stand-alone music tracks, but you could use sound effects in a music track.

Example: You can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell it on iTunes

Thanks for responding. There is a part of RandBchill track where a woman sings ohohohyeah, can I use that part as a sound effect in a song. But not the beat itself.