No assistance at all, not reply on emails. Need to transfer my credits to graphicriver.

I was in graphicriver page, and i saw the top banner saying for 16.5 usd i can have 1 month unlimited, but when i was at payment form it says i have to pay yearly to take advatage of the price, i decided to pay for 1 year.198 USD.

So after i pay i trie to download what i want, but noticed that i paid for envato elements, turns out that the banner at graphic river page was for another packgage.

So i am asking to transfer the value i paid in credits on graphicriver so i can download quality images.that i want.

,But i get no answer on emails, what is happening on envato? No chat, my ticked, not receiving answers if possible please contact me

My envato username: faizal_caba.

You can find info on potentially getting a refund here but you won’t be able to transfer funds or credit between graphicriver and elements

I can’t even request for refund, the membership is not displayed in refund form, only shows other item i bought in the past year.

So i can’t submit the form to request refund.


please contact Elements Support and let them know. They will be happy to help.


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Well, guess i am lucky they posted new content about animals cartoon wich was what i was looking for, so i decided to keep with the membership.

Thanks all.