Night Club Management System (NCMS)

So i’ll outline what i think is missing in general on CC. And this could really sell, if someone knew how to program it.

Table Managment - Easy table managment with booking api, so custoumers/guests can order tables, and the request is placed in a que inside the system to “accept or deny”. Seating map (live) so you can reaarange the seatings etc.

Guestlist - Easy signup for guestslists for everyone, and approval section etc. Standard for clubs. Especially used for VIPS.

Incident report - For club security (bouncers) to log incidents which happened in the club. Who were thrown out, and why, etc.

Attendance - Report system of how many guests did the club have, and an archive to go back to see how many members attended at specific date. This could be easily done by creating an event system and integrating it into that. So you can search by events.

Events Managment - Create and edit events etc. Since most things are based on events that the club is having, this should be an extensive system.

Team managment - It’s important for clubs to have an ability to manage they’re employees, therefor this system should have an integrated Team archieve, in which you can add team members and make notes about them etc. Also a Staff Schedule system, where your staff members can sign for shifts and exchange shifts across.

Inventory Managment - Easy stock managment, shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since there are many open source solutions out there. This should also include tables, chairs, etc, since it’s for inventory in general, but also stocks.

Easy ordering - A simple page where you can add multiple firms, for which you purchase your stocks. Meaning straws, booze, etc. Could easily be integrated in the “inventory managment system” above.

Notes system - Create notes for everything and everyone.

SMS / Newsletter - Integration for easy managment of newsletters and sms messages. SMS messages for employees whos working at the next weeks etc, also a possibility to send sms’ to custoumers. Promotions etc.
Integration for Mobile/Tablet apps- So the system can be used on mobile/tablets by everyone. Another alternative to this is, to create the system, so it’s easy viewable on the website directly on the mobile/tablet device.

POS - Integration from UniCenta to the system itself, so you can drag out sales reports etc, from the POS system itself, into your managment system. Would be an epic solution for the system itself, since stocks etc, are then imported, and you don’t have to have manual interaction again. Also users from POS could be imported as users into the system itself.

Staff information - For staff info etc. Could be “warnings” inside the system itself, or simply adding a “news blog”.

Features …
An implementtation of an Front end, so a the system is build on the website of the club itself. Should support the bigger CMS systems; Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
More ?..

It’s a nice idea but that’s a pretty specialized list of requirements and not really suited to a stock marketplace.

Among other considerations to do with volume of demand, different locations having endlessly different systems and software and the subsequent complexity of a generic solution, and the quite unique skill-set required to create something like this… there’s a reason why specialty software and platforms exist for different industries and generally these are not intended to tie up with blogging platforms or CMS like WordPress/Joomla etc.

If you really want this (and have the budget required to do it) then I am sure you could find someone on to look at it, but even then you would need to be very careful to find someone capable to creating something on that scale and integration.

Ummm … very interesting but agree with charlie4282 ’ pretty specialized’ HOWEVER I actually have all the components for what you say with the exception of wordress/jomla etc they are designed to be ‘a standalone’.

If you have the contacts -to purchase - etc. I’d be happy for some form of partnership. You can always mail me via my profile

In case of interest for a custom job: