DISCUSS: How do you manage your customers?

Hi, all the CodeCanyon Authors
Let’s discuss this two problems :slight_smile:

  1. How do you manage you customers
  2. How do you deal with after-sale problems ? (Email ? or some other ways ? whatsapp? )

Welcome to discuss here, If you come to China, send you a email,I’ll treat you a cup of coffee :money_mouth_face:


Been using GMail for years for customer support, but before few months started using Ticksy and work for me pretty well so far. I know there are few more subscription based sites that work pretty good.

Trying to keep them all in one place. Using few channels usually create a mess.

Here you go, hope these answers help you a little:

  1. We use our own system to manage clients and their purchases. It parses/updates data right from Envato, so everything is automated and no manual interaction is needed. It enables us to search for clients by purchase code, see installations, etc. I believe it’s not allowed to link to your own items in forums, so I won’t post a link to it, sorry.

  2. WordPress with BBpress and some extra plugins. This way, it works like a proper support tickets system, making it easy to view previous requests of the same client, send links to similar problems (if another client had the same issue and it was solved) to client, and so on.

Do you sell the own system which you said in point 1? Looking for a support & document management script or Wp Plugin, if this can help please let us know.

Yes, it’s listed in our portfolio. However, it’s main purpose is licensing (which naturally includes clients/licenses management), not sure if you find it useful for documentation/support management.

It will be nice if you can integrated it with WordPress or bbpress. Or can it already be done?

We don’t want to fill OP’s post with irrelevant information (we are sure you too), so if you have any questions about our item(s), just drop us a message via Envato comments or contact form. Thanks.

Hi @thewebfosters,

You can see one of our items here:

It doesn’t have a ticket support manager, but has nice features where you can store client websites access and passwords. It hs the ability to check for data from the purchase code, and add the client to database.
Also if you have some themes where you need to save access credentials, you can manage it with our script too.
Check it out :slight_smile: It might be very helpfull to you.

Best regards.

My system is very simple, just gmail account and labels,
red - we have a problem and I should help
green - everything is fine
The main task, that everything should be green & my soul is calm )))


Looks good. How do you know if some client have active support or not?

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I trust them at the moment .)

This is a good system!!!:grinning: People can submit a workjob message to developer.