Newspaper 11 - Cloud Template with Tag DIV - Not using set up template


I’m using Theme Newspaper 11.3.2

I have set up from the cloud template few templates for a single post and categories.

In the theme panel, I have selected the chosen template by default for each category and post.

I checked on the front in the admin top bar, it say I have set up the chosen template for the page I’m check-in.

But a the end, the front page is still an old version of the template.

I don’t use cache plugin.

So I don’t understand why it still using another template.

Any help to understand what’s happening ?


Hello @cppresse92

Please get in touch with the author of the theme, @tagDiv for support. Here’s how you can do that:

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Please send us an email at and provide a link to the website and admin login, we will take a look at the settings and check why this is happening. Most likely it is a configuration issue, but we will have to check first to know for sure. Mention an example of the issue in the email as well. Let us know.

Regards, Simion C.


Thanks, anyway you already answered me.

This is due to conflict with the plugin WP Backery