tagDiv Newspaper theme -- tagDiv Composer plugin not rendering category pages

I’ve been running the Newspaper theme since 2017. I recently updated my cloud templates and discovered a critical error message on the top-level category page at Recipe Reviews Recipes - The Hungry Pinner.

I opened a ticket with WP Fix It, and they have advised me it’s an issue with the mandatory tagDiv Composer plugin. They added load rules so a default template is loading and the page is now showing, although it doesn’t quite work or look right.

Even before this happened, I have been trying to recover my @tagDiv forum password for weeks. The site’s reset never sends me a reset email. I sent my license info to contact@tagdiv.com and have stopped receiving replies. I’m desperately trying to get support.


I have been replying in the email you have sent us for a few weeks now, but I believe you are not receiving the replies, or else I cannot explain what exactly is happening with it. My last reply was yesterday https://i.imgur.com/YVBpmJV.png

Please check the email and let’s continue there, or send us a different email if perhaps there is a problem with the respective email address. Provide admin login for the website in the email so we can check what is wrong with that respective category page. Let us know.

Regards, Simion C.

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Whew, glad to know you’re not ignoring me :slight_smile: Something must be wrong with that address. I’m receiving mail (and spam) but not yours or the forum notification. I’ll my message to you using an email hosted elsewhere right now.