New update to The Voux... my content within the theme elements have disappeared

Hi there,
so I upgraded to the newest version of The Voux theme. My data that was designed and formatted within any/every The Voux theme elements is not working.
Is there a problem with this theme?
How can I get this fixed? I don’t expect this to happen when I invest in a $60 theme!

If this is not the relevant section, kindly connect me with the concerned team. I’m having a hard time finding the correct place to post this.
Thank you for your time.

@fuelthemes are one of the most respected authors on envato so I am sure they would not compromise their items.

Their support instructions and links to their support portal is here

I would suggest checking that WP itself is all up to date also

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@charlie4282 Thanks Charlie :slight_smile:

@mehreenfarhan, Please read the changelog of your theme before applying updates:

You need to install the Voux - Required Plugin, and make sure that your theme folder name is not renamed from the original.

For further questions, please use:

Best regards,

The issue is resolved and it took hardly a minute

I had come back to my website after a month and missed out on this required plugin.

Thank you for your time

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You’re welcome. Please don’t forget to rate the theme 5 stars from your Downloads page :slight_smile: