New to Wordpress!


I am completly new to WP. I see Avada as a starter theme.

Is there any way to download the finished themes advertised like the barber theme and then edit that to the project in quesiton or do you start from complete scratch every time you use this theme?

If so, how do you apply an advertised sub theme in Avada?



Yes - each theme has demo/dummy content and you can start with that - the same layout as demo which you see online.

After you buy the theme you will find a Help file and there you should find how to import/start with demo content. Also, you can contact the author for more help if you need -


Thanks! If I buy a theme like Avada, I see i get a key. Can I use the key to use for a test site and then use it again for a paying job?

each purchase code will work for only one domian/website. So you can’t use that key for 2 website. But you have another option use the code for your test server when your will decide to go with live server then you have to deregister the theme from the test server and register for live server. Please at first check theme docuemntation is there any help articles about register and deregister the theme. Otherwise Contact theme Author about this. Thanks

I’m was going to test on live server… Is there no way to test, deactivate and go again?

please check above reply, I have mentioned about this. Thanks

OK thanks