New to graphics design

hi guys. I just launched my own fitness company and need to design my own logo and use my own images when explaining different muscles in the human body and different movements. What program can i start with? and do i really need the Wacom Intuos?

P.S i have 0 graphic design back ground but eager to learn and dont want to pay thousands of dollars at school for this.


You said you have 0 graphic design skills, you just launch your own fitness company and as i guess you need a logo design asap, right? Even you start to learn about graphic design from today, will you change more logos for your company until you find the perfect logo for you.

I think is better to find a logo designer to create your logo from scratch. There a good designers out there. No need to spend thousands of dollars of course. I said all this because you have already a company.

Now if you want to start to learn, no need to buy wacom or expensive computer. Start with the basics first.
I use adobe illustrator and i think is perfect for logos and other designs. Next you can find tutorials here: or you can search on youtube, google, there a lot free and good lessons around internet. The only you can do is to start searching…

Good luck! : -)

Creating a logo can be complex specially as it represents your company. There are cheap and effecient logo designing services here at envato studio you might want to take a look, or youtube/google or abduzeedo tutorials can be helpful.

Hope it helps…

@odiusfly makes a good point. If you just want to get a logo for your business ASAP, hiring a freelancer from Envato Studio: Logo Design and Branding is a great option.

But, if you want to learn a new skill, I think Tuts+ is a great place to do it. Check out our the free tutorials on logo design as mentioned in the post above. We also have a free course on Affinity Designer, a powerful and lower-cost alternative to Adobe Illustrator. (Though Illustrator is still industry-standard, if I understand correctly.)

for this no need to go to envato studio, he can either select a logo design here or try to contact a guy directly if he could see someone with a cool style …

Oh my gosh, right! There are so many logo templates on Graphic River.

Depends what someone need for his company. For example, if i had a company and no any design skills, i will prefer to find a freelancer to design a logo from scratch instead to buy a logo from graphic river which have already or will be purchased from other person/company at the future. My opinion…

yes that’s what i was trying to explain, if so, i would definitely contact an author and reach a deal with her or him directly

If you’re eager to learn, then there’s no better place than here at Envato Tuts+. We don’t have many courses on Graphic Design, but the free tutorials we publish are excellent and with a bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll do just fine.

However, I do agree with @odiusfly that finding a reliable (and decent) freelancer (instead of some big design agency) would be better in the short term. Designing a company brand isn’t something you should do half-hearted. That logo is very important to your business, so I would get someone to design it for you!

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whether this is agency or freelancer , this is not so much of a big deal anyway, the main thing is the ability of the designer in charge of creating , thats’ the best way to make sure that the job is done properly, that this is pro and efficient , u have average freelancers and agencies, let’s face it, we all that all people are nit that incredible professionals and that the result varies greatly according to skills, dedication and so on rather than the structure itself. However this is often better to contact either a small agency or a freelancer as this is good to be big in a small environment rather than being small in a big environment … this is the guaranty that u are taken good care of …

Certainly new to graphic design. Struggling to find tutorials for affinity designer.

We’ve got a couple of excellent Affinity Designer courses and lots of free tutorials:

Hope that helps!

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I will suggest to you there are several graphics design tools available in the market so you can use afinity desiner quick start

Hope it will hepls!
Techtiq Solutions,

Hi, I you want to learn Graphic design or any other skills online in a professional way, you can purchase a course on the same from websites like UDEMY or LYNDA you will get authentic courses which offers betters skills and insights.

If you are looking for few free tips, you can check youtube videos on logo design.
Since you have no previous knowledge of graphic design, I suggest you look for tutorial on basic graphic design tools like photoshop and illustrator .

is this a joke ?

Honestly it sounds like 0 respect for designers because you think you can do our work without any knowledge and skills (or talent ?) and you can just look at some tips on web for one month to do this.

:slight_smile: It is like I go to first class chef in restaurant with 3 michelin stars and say: “hi, where I can learn cooking 3 star michelin dishes because I just opened a restaurant and I need to have dishes like this, and I don’t want to pay for learning, don’t want to pay for chefs etc”.

no offence - good luck :slight_smile: