Looking for company logo, brochure and business card designer


I am looking urgently for a skilled and cost effective logo designer who can also make brochure design and business card design for my new company. I want all these three in one place to keep a continuity in design with my website and related materials. Ready to start next day , Scope is ready need someone to get connected and agree on price and timeline for delivery. please contact me asap. email- info@cskonsulting.com

Best regards,/ George

Have you looked at corporate identities packs?

Dear Charlie,

Thanks for your good suggestions and I’m exploring this one. But I can’t
find one thing that these logos are generic and can be used by many people
I want unique logo to be made first and then copied on all the design
bundles ? Please suggest how to go about this approach.

You have two options I guess:

  1. you find someone to design the whole set based on a unique idea.

  2. you have just a logo created uniquely and then apply that to one of these sets of items.

A few things to consider…

  • option 2 is unlikely to work well as all the branding elements and design beyond the logo on each element e.g. Cards, envelopes and so on will have been done with the graphicriver logo in mind.

  • you get what you pay for.

I understand that not everyone has huge budgets but professional/custom projects like this could easily stretch well into the thousands of $ off a stock marketplace.

You will inevitably find someone/few people who will happily do this for next to nothing and if that solves your problem then great. Some of these people will be perfectly capable but just keep in mind

  • if this is your company identity then its the first thing people see and mediocre work devalues your own proposition.

  • make sure you are not just being fed back envato stock in a different colour or worse still unlicensed/stock/copied design from elsewhere.

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Hi csk5 !
i am interested to working with us.
please add me in your skype contact mrkarim_2007