Absolute beginner to graphic design


I am an absolute beginner to graphic design and Graphic River so I may be asking some down right silly questions here - I don’t even have a drawing tablet, software, or even know what file type to save drawings with yet but I hope to change that soon.

I would like to flex my creative muscle by drawing illustrations/vectors, but do not want to spend money on expensive drawing packages like Adobe Illustrator. I have heard of freebies like Medibang Paint.
My question is, can I create my drawings using free software and upload my work on Envato (I see almost all the illustrations on the market place being made using Adobe CS and software that have expensive fees to use)?

If you are beginner then you shouldn’t even worry about uploading to Envato. You first need to get experience which will take years. Take your time reading through multitude tutorials on the internet, experiment with various software and most importantly practice, practice, practice. Whether it is a client work or try to come up with some projects of your own. You need to have hundreds or even thousands of hours to get good at something. Once you will have some serious skills under your belt, you can try to upload something to Envato. If you need some help, or direction, it is better to find specialized online forums for graphic designers, Envato forums is not really a good place if you are just starting out from the scratch.

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hi i recommend that u try to develop skills and knowledge of tools, as u may know there are some tuts that they are advertising here and they are nice to learn but for me i think that that the best of all are piximperfect tuts on youtube, u will learn a lot about graphic design tools, photoshop in particular , this is an overall really great class to make your skills to the next level …

A premium marketplace requires premium skillset and premium tools

This is not a marketplace for beginners, and progress here requires investment in learning, tools and time

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