New Series: Essential Marketing Tips!

Hey Guys!

We’ve launched a brand new series of marketing tips on the Author Hub which we’ve called Envato Reveals

We’ve created this series to help you build essential marketing skills, which you can use to grow your business on Envato.

Our first article covers one of our most asked-about marketing topics: SEO Essentials .

If you want to drive more traffic to your item pages and increase your sales, these top 5 tips to optimize your item page for SEO will be the perfect place to start.

Plus, we’re creating even more guides in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled in this thread, where we will provide updates!

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Awesome :clap: Looking forward for more like this


@bethanyg3 these tips will not work until you fix your search algorithms. Example: search for ‘portfolio for designer’ and you’ll see that two pages contain items from the same author (account names *****-themes). It looks like monopoly.


Hi kotofey, appreciate the feedback. We are always working towards improving our search function to bring customers what the are looking for, which includes providing them a variety of Authors to choose from. I’ve fed this example back to the team.

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Thank you very much, all help is good and seo is very important, I will implement all these advice now

If I want to drive more traffic to my items from external sources Such as Soundcloud and YouTube for example, I have a problem that this traffic will face Elements advertising on my profile as well as other areas with AudioJungle and consequently lose potential sales. SEO is important for authors but the aggressive Elements advertising somewhat defeats the whole purpose for non-Elements contributors.


Hi @bethanyg3 thank you. I can provide more useful information. Let me know if you really interested in improving search algorithm (one more example is sorting by rating where item with 3 reviews (5 stars each) has better priority/position than item with 51 reviews ( 49 with 5 stars and 1with 1 star. See image below). Solution. Or why you still did not add a new category for ‘multi-super-purpose-can-do-anything’ themes? Why when I search for ‘photography theme’ and sort by ‘sales’ I see all top sellers? Avada, The7, Enfold, TheX and so on? It’s like I search for a sport car and see budget cars on the first place just because they have better sales.

P.S. Actually, I’m not sure Envato will fix these issues. Because they are not interested in support small authors or niche themes. That’s why author can have only 1 account for sales (2 max but it must be allowed by envato), while ‘company’ authors can have 5-6 accounts. Nothing personal it’s just business right? :wink:


These are actually really good insights and actionable items for Envato team.


Useful tips. Thanks!

Only when removed Elements banner this will make some sense and benefit for authors…


I completely agree with you, but for some reason the Envato team will not listen to us, maybe we need time, but how long can we wait…

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What is the point when the clients will see the Elements banner!

This article should be called, “How to SEO to increase Elements visits” :slight_smile:


Useful tips. Thanks!

Thank you very much ! :+1:

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The thing is ever since the inception of Elements the sales have dropped drastically & not to forget the aggressive marketing of elements. The search algorithm doesn’t help either, the average page views of a new item are like 10-20. This is unfair.

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These marketing tips are worthless as long as the Elements banner sits on top of our item pages stealing our traffic. The aggresive Elements advertising is a very insidious marketing tactic on Envato’s part and especially prejudicial to authors.

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Its really a very useful tips Thank you so much