New policy on AI-generated content for Market and Elements

Hi all. Over the last few months, we’ve had many requests for information about Envato’s position on submitting AI-generated content. Today we have published a new policy for this, governing content on Envato Elements and Envato Market:

Essentially, you can use AI-generated content in item previews, but not in the download file.

You can’t sell AI-generated content as-is on Elements or Market.

The policy covers more details about this, and the reasons why we don’t permit the sale of these items.

If you have been following the development of AI content generation tools over the past year, you will know that it’s moving very quickly - so we’ll keep you updated on any changes to our policies in this area. If you have any questions about this policy, please post them in this thread and we’ll try to answer everything for you.


I’m glad about keeping this AI rubbish off the platform, there is already too much unusable nonsense on here.


I’ve noticed whole accounts of AI generated “photos” in Elements. Will those be removed?

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Skynet is closer and closer → but not this time :slight_smile:


Give it one more year, it’s just matter of time.


I’m very passionate about AI - so I am spending a lot of time to read, test, watch and try the AI.

I won’t write a book here (I think I could) but I want to tell you something (to all of Envato community).

Let’s put aside what we are used to, i.e. chat bots, control of production processes or complicated aerodynamic simulations, etc.

Let’s look at it from the point of view of creators like us.

On my example, I can tell you that today users of platforms such as fiverr who offer voice-over services are literally losing customers - including me. I found a website on the web that offers a seemingly popular thing like an AI voiceover reading our text → BUT - what this particular website offers exceeds the wildest imaginations about voiceovers. The read text is read with amazing realism and any level of emotion, tension, calm, anger, etc. that we choose. Each generated reading is completely unique and different from the previous one (the same text sounds different each time, as if a real person was reading it). In other words, this particular example of AI offers a better (!) service than a real voiceover and sounds better!

For a one-time monthly fee, you have several hundred male and female voices at your disposal, each is what I described above and you can read each of your texts in any key with the desired emotions sounding indistinguishable from a real reader (when reading in the right place, he can make a sigh or pause! Can intone the emotion of the text being read…etc.)

A real clerk (e.g. from Fiverr) that I hired for 60 seconds of professional reading cost me between $200 and $350 - in effect I received one final reading. The aforementioned AI gives me hundreds of the same or even better quality readings with any voice in the emotions imposed by me at an incomparably lower price.

In addition, the above service offers machine learning - this particular service allows you to record your voice by reading a certain piece of text, then you send this sample to them and the AI learns your voice (about 2 - 3 weeks of learning) - finally you get an AI with your voice that will tell everything you will write to her with your real voice.

It does not mention presenters, i.e. AI imitating a real human who says something you wrote to him - people offering services of this kind will start to lose their income in a year at the latest - AI is getting better on this field and today’s is quite good at it.

It would seem that AI can do a lot but not everything - > wrong. I am currently on waiting lists for testing an AI that will write you any code (in any coding language) based on what you expect. For example, you describe the script and its functions in your own words, and the AI writes the code for you - it writes the whole script for you.

The range of AI services is huge and much wider than the fraction I have described.

It is only a matter of time before AI will create fully-fledged graphic designs based on a simple description (probably they have already been created and are being tested).

Forecasts → none of us is able to determine what will happen and in how long it will happen - why? → Well, AI learns exponentially - it means that today AI learns faster and more than it did yesterday - it’s a snowball effect and it has big classroom which is… THE ENTIRE INTERNET.

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s mood or plans for the future, I just share my observations - and these are quite disturbing.

Peace :slight_smile:


Hehe this is great, but the facts show a lot more.

Check this out ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue Our organization started asking questions to AI instead of humans, and believe it or not, they’re (or is it it’s) way more useful. Try it yourself.

The problem is that AI is advancing with GIANT steps, like @PeakStar mentioned. So, it would be better to adjust the market to those incoming new changes (edit: like make category AI) as you might get in behind.

Still, some of us who are here long enough know that your captain at the moment isn’t steering this ship and basically ship is heading to the Titanic kind of a scenario, but that’s just fine, it’s Envato!


I know GPT-3 and Open AI - oh yes I know… her majesty :smiley: (I like to call AI like it’s a woman).

I would like to add something about Ai and it’s speed of learning and evolution.

Those of you who read books (or don’t) have probably heard of the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. The book premiered in 2014 (September) - so about 8.5 years ago.

The book was written by a co-founder of PayPal, a colleague of Elon Musk (after selling Paypal, their entire team (about 20p ersons) founded the companies we all know today, each worth at least a billion dollars, and I am not talking about abvious SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and other things from Musk). The book became a New York Times bestseller.

I remind you - the premiere of the book is September 2014.

In the chapter devoted to computers (Chapter 12 “Man and Machine”), the author notes the first seeds of algorithms, they even created one in paypal to detect fraud, they also helped the FBI and CIA … they knew what it was all about in a word.

The author mentions in this chapter the issue of artificial intelligence. He talks about it as a dream of futurists and tech geeks and about the fact that artificial intelligence will never be created as such, and if it does, it will be a small beginning of the problem in the 22nd century (yes, the twenty-second century). He mentions AI as science-fiction and something that will not be able to replace humans in any way.

And? → he was wrong about that by about 100 years. What he called science fiction is taking place today, 100 years sooner than he thought.

It’s only been 8.5 years and the man who built Paypal turns out to be wrong. Well, today artificial intelligence is able to replace humans - which it does with success.

Let this make you all aware of what we’re talking about here :slight_smile:

Zero to One is a great book - 100% worth to read… but I read chapter 12 with a slight smile of embarrassment.

I think you’re too strict here. Yes, maybe not everything is going smoothly, but you also need to notice things such as the upcoming introduction of new methods of making withdrawals - I do not want to name the competition here, but with this procedure Envato will be one step ahead of a few competitors. :slight_smile:

Also I can write here a lot of problems existing on other platform - believe me I know the competitor markets and what I saw in the last 3 weeks on one of the major competitor was just … terrible. Envato is not that bad, let me tell you.

This is not a place for this. Here we can talk about AI :slight_smile:

PEACE :slight_smile: ! or … peAIce :wink:



I am currently trying to create content for another agency, that now has an official way forward how to upload generative ai content to them. Including model and property releases, using only neutral prompts like bokeh, close up, texture, colors and not the names of artists, celebrities etc…It is important to keep the original file and if necessary screenshot the prompts for your own legal safety.

We then have to very clearly label it is as generative ai. We also cannot use keywords like oil painting, 3d render or watercolor in the keywords, even if we used those as prompts. Which then becomes quite a challenge to visually describe the image so the buyer can find it.

Again their rules are evolving and they might change things quickly.

When trying to create content with ai, it is really, really difficult to create good usable content for professional use.

Abstract backgrounds. ok, but the more specific you become the more glitches and horrid pixelmash you get.

Perhaps the ai will learn this quickly, who knows, but for now I don‘t see it as competition. It is an interesting tool, that I can learn to use to expand my portfolio.

But at least for now, with the time I spend trying to create a good base image and then having to clean it up in photoshop, it is 100 times faster to take pictures.

Agencies will soon allow customers to use ais on their own platform. This will mean the ais then get trained by graphic design professionals, not millions of amateurs looking for the next cat and cute dog meme.

That might indeed speed things up a lot, plus agencies will learn the successful prompts the customers are using.

Prompts are the new raw file.

So, we will see, in the end it might be only editorial content that survives. Perhaps Envato should consider adding that to their agency.


In my opinion we are getting closer to something called:

The technological singularity

It was science-fiction in 2012. Today I am sure we’re very close to this. With AI in design, Art, Creation, Music, Advertisement etc. - we will hit the apex very soon.


> The technological singularity—or simply the singularity—is a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. According to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis, I.J.

What is that means… well → tomorrow when we wake up, we may not even be able to predict what AI is capable of doing



Greetings from Open AI :slight_smile:

I asked him/her/ … it? to write some poem about us, the Envato Authors.

this took him 4 seconds (any copywriters here… yet …? LOL)

"Envato authors, oh so bright
With their talents, they take flight
They weave words and code with care
To create works beyond compare

With passion and skill, they do their part
To inspire and captivate the heart
Their creations, a labor of love
Envato authors, sent from above

They pour their hearts into every line
To craft a work that’s truly divine
A community of creators, they
Bringing beauty to the world each day

So here’s to Envato authors, we raise a glass
For all the hard work and talent they surpass
May their creations continue to shine
Envato authors, truly divine."

This funny little guy :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah! :grinning:
It is so insane what is going on right now on ArtStation.

The website looks like garbage. With this “protest” they are killing their home.

Meanwhile Midjournej website:

I’m so exited about it!.. To work with AI, who doesn’t get tired, works fast, doesn’t protest, and wants less money, and understands me better than human!

In ten years, I’ll be able to create an anime series with a crazy plot all by myself!


This is good news and now we need to work harder instead of using elements generated by AI.

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Yes… right.

Crated 4 minutes ago. Asked for classic horror illustration, detailed, adobe illustrator, demon, devil

took him 12 seconds to make 4 variations.

Above you see only one of them :slight_smile: And I didn’t use any “detailed” words…

how professional illustrators can compete with this AI evilness…


AI generated images would be a real breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence if they not used real author works without permission for learning.


this is good news!

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