Comments for the reviewer on the Elements.

Is it possible to leave comments for the reviewer on the Elements platform for the project I’m uploading? I’m uploading a project with images generated by artificial intelligence, but the reviewer is not approving the project because it contains images. However, I don’t have the ability to write comments to the reviewer to explain that the images are generated by artificial intelligence.

No, there is no way to attach a comment. Also, Envato isn’t accepting AI generated content except in the preview.

This announcement gives more insight as to what the future might hold.


My project featuring images generated by artificial intelligence has been accepted on Envato Market.

Others have also had AI work accidentally accepted and then Envato has removed it. Since the policy is “Envato doesn’t accept it,” we aren’t supposed to be submitting it. As far as I know, that hasn’t changed. @BenLeong can you shed any light on this topic?

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Authors can not submit AI generated content other than for preview purpose and such content can not be included in download file. Even what you upload for only preview purpose can be only AI generated content for which you have commercial license.
If anything changes it will be mentioned here.

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Hi @George_Fx.

@MargJohnsonVA and @SuzanaTArt are correct - our current policy is that items should not contain any AI-generated images, unless those are only used for preview purposes.

Some items slip through review with AI content in them, but those are removed from sale if they are found later on. The policy in the post above shows which types of AI content uses are currently allowed.