New payout system

I received an email about the new payment system and immediately updated my payment method.
But payout detail doesn’t appear in my graphicriver account.
Also when I enter the payout section, I can’t see my earnings that I earned last month and I expect it to arrive on the 15th of this month.

Same issue. I already contacted them. The email said the new system will only take effect by October payout, so I hope my September payout is unaffected.

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I am able to see my new payment method when clicking the link provided in the email, that goes to my profile on Envato (not marketplace), payments page: Sign In | Envato Account

I don’t see it on my marketplace page as well. But if you just like me got an email confirmation, you should be fine.


Thanks for help everyone.

I received an email from Envato Support.

"Your September payout will be sent as normal through the previous system, to your previous details.

From October, the payout will be sent through the new system."

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