New installation of wordpress theme (Lush) doesnt work

I bought Lush theme 6 years ago, and after installing it in a different location it gives me these alerts: There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.
I bought the theme and am not using it anywhere else… any help is welcome!

My wordpress version is up to date!

It’s probably theme/WordPress compatibility or any other issue. Assuming that you don’t have free support anymore as well as the support may not cover the system issues, if you’re interested in, I can offer a paid job

Thank you, but I am also a website builder/designer/developer and have extensive experience with any issues relating to wordpress. That is why I went to this forum… so maybe you ahve a tip for me where I can look?

The system already gave you the tip :slight_smile:

Please get in touch with the author of the theme to get support: