Priority - Multipurpose WordPress Theme NOT WORKING

I bought and tried to install Priority - Multipurpose WordPress Theme but some plug in they rely on is crashing on install and the only way to get back in is through WordPress Recovery Mode… Tried contacting author support, since Thursday, with 2 emails a day we are not getting anywhere… They want server usernames and passwords… which I provided, but they cant connect… their ftp client is trying to connect to some other ports… I am not interested in this crap anymore…

Anyone know how to apply for a refund…? its functionality is probably hidden somewhere…just like I can find any support contact details for envato / themeforest… What a sour experience…

Any guidance will be appreciated… I am not a newbie, with over 25yrs in software development experience…but I am not willing to investigate to fix something that I paid for, exactly to save time


Contact with your purchase item author @BuddhaThemes right here as a comments

Hope they will helepd!

I already explained that I have been in contact with their support… being in a different timezone…it does not work… if they want to sell globally, they should have global support, not indian office hours… by the time i read their email and respond, they have already “closed” for the day