New Forum Suggestions!!! - Have your say...

I think it is time for us all to have our say in one place what is good and bad about the new Forums. Personally i think they are a shambles and a bit of an embarrassment for a multi-million dollar company. Sales have decreased since the attacks and this Forum is just icing on the cake for those looking to move on to other sites.

We all rely heavily on each others criticism and feedback and this new forum is pushing that creative collaboration further and further apart. Now i am no big shot Elite Author but even the little guys have an opinion.

So here goes my suggestions to improve the Forums.

  1. Categories (Videohive, Graphic River, Themeforest etc need to be separated)
  2. A simple back-link from a topic to the previous category instead of having to go back to the homepage then choosing a tag again.
  3. Get rid of the ugly tags altogether (rounded corners? It’s not 1995!)
  4. Have the option somewhere in our Preferences to disable autoload and have the option of pagination.( It takes up bandwidth, especially when on a mobile device)

I have a lot more but would like everyone to contribute, maybe someone will hear our cries for help!


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