New Envato Item Preview Problems

Hi! We just realized that the product pages got a redesign, and we beg you to PLEASE go back to the way they were. There’s a couple of really important reasons:

First of all, users that didn’t have to click anything to see the description and information, now have to click twice to see all of them. As you already know, the less clicks the user has to make, the better. Also this is hiding critical info about out items

As you can see, we use the first spaces of the description to communicate critical info about the item, and now buyers can claim that, being hidden, they didn’t know about it.

We are also seeing that you removed the link to what support includes and doesn’t and the option to buy extended support.

Furthermore, placing all the info below the item name so little seems that most buyers will just brush past all that info, rather than being in big boxes with clear display. This also removed the author box where it showcased all the badges the author had for customers so see.

Authors of Envato Market, what do you think of this new change? We’re @ some of you to see what you think. @fuelthemes @WPExplorer @tommusrhodus @MVPThemes @enabled @getbowtied @anps @ProgressionStudios @ThemeFusion @Dream-Theme @ThimPress @colabrio @PixFort

We received our 8th Paw badge today, but sadly, instead of celebrating, we find ourselves dreading due to this change.
@benleong @steve_lam @sunnicee @hichameassi


Oh… no more author info? No view portfolio? No way to click on images in the description or social icons or anything… this looks like the mobile version. The contrast of the show more buttons is so low you can barely see them… :neutral_face:

Please at least remove the “Show More” on the attributes and description and bring back the author profile! It’s hard enough as is to get brand recognition … :disappointed:

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Locking this down as it’s moved to the main thread -> Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market - #47 by Odin_Design

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