Need your rating about my design level


Dear everyone,

I’m in web and mobile design for so many years, but until now I still didn’t know what price range I’m in.
What I mean is I didn’t know which level of designer I’m in.
So, please guys help to have a look and rate for my design level, based on ‘GOOD’ / ‘AVERAGE’ / ‘WORST’:

Also, most of the time I couldn’t know either I want to work out via 99designs / odesk / collaborating with web developers via themeforest. But all these is not what I’m seeking for the workstyle and not the right career path.

Added, I’m actually worked with these platforms before and I found not much helpful to get me a stable income and life every month:
99designs: I had to put time and effort to ready a design in a contest, but I receive nothing (if only I really lucky to be chosen as the winner. Winner’s design not necessary is up-standard design piece but it’s actually what a client seeking for).

odesk: I proposed USD25 / hour but I’d never get any deal proposal.

collaborating with others via themeforest: I’ve collaborated with 2 web developers via themeforest. Both of them are not given me any response after received my full PSD theme. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to guess it. Most importantly, I felt not comfortable for me to going on with this lifestyle.

My ambition is to launch a website where provide expensive hourly or project based charging rate (says USD90 / hour) to aim on those quality client who do really willing to pay for that but looking for quality and workable design (as we knew, design is not just how it looks but is how it’s works), but I worry if I put some budget via Adwords monthly won’t return what I’m expected.
The theory is like I want to be the manufacturer of Audi or BMW instead of other car manufacturer who produced lower budget cars. Or another saying is I hope to create a company like Apple instead of others.
(Quality, assured, feel comfortable to market clients, creating something that they are willing to spent more)

I’m a Malaysian-based UI designer who are targeting US prospects.
So guys please rate and comments.

Thanks guys:)


You have some interesting concepts.

It is hard to appraise the stuff in a language I can’t read of course.

Is this level of design good enough for here? Probably not as it is. But the examples a re not really suited to a stock marketplace.

The core capability is there, but there are little things missing which would take you to the next level.

That said we often see work from people far below your standard trying their luck here and I feel that what is lacking and the attention to detail needed would come quite quickly with practice.

That would be my main advice is to try and familiarize yourself with the type of design suited to a stock marketplace - it is not the same as designing for a client or agency in real life

Maybe do some site or graphic designs that you could potentially sell and use these to home your skills to suit the marketplaces. Really pay all your attention to the finer details of the design and perfecting every aspect. Think quality NOT quantity.


Thanks for your reply.
Actually I’m not aiming to submit any design over here or even any stock marketplace.
I’m planning either:

1) Open a website as my personal stock marketplace

but both are targeting on:
designing as templates based with layered files for web developers or web agencies who can use for their commercial projects. but problem is either providing free download or with monthly subscription basis.


2) to open a website and to get more custom high pay projects
i hope to get more quality foreign clients who are willing to pay for expensive PSD designs (because some of these clients they had their own in-house developers, not really just from web agencies).

What do you think?
Which option is really workout?

Thank you.


hi buddy, get ready to have your thread closed lol if u basically tell them that u want to be a competitor lol especially now that freedom of expression has increasingly decreased lol bit in any case, if u wanna know my point of view … some guys try to make a marketplace but that’s pretty hard indeed and lord of guys have no sale at all , or close to this so that’s risky … because if u want give it a chance to work, then u are going to invest quite a bit … . as for your second solution, i basically think that this may help to make u get noticed but so does posting here too … or somewhere else , so you should probably give a try in my view …


I’m sorry but don’t really get you.
I dont want to be compete or submit any design on themeforest here, but I’m just seeking opinion from all developers here about my design, whether my design is suitable to go for my own website and try to finding quality clients out there, instead of selling a just $10 psd template.


so i do not really get u either, what abut all the additional explanations that u had in your answer to Charlie 4282 then?


As mentioned discussing an alternative marketplace here is not a good idea.

The designs are not bad but it is about more than this. You need to consider:

  • why would someone buy your design or hire you over some of the awesome stuff on places like graphicriver for $10

  • how do you market yourself and to who?

  • with respect I think your designs would struggle compared to the competition in the US or most of Europe


The I think I’ve misunderstood of what Charlie4282 told me.
In fact, themeforest is not really a place for me to earn, even some other templates marketplace. It seems like not a suitable place for designer to keep survive in life with just selling PSD. Even 99designs kinds of websites (100 and more graphic designer come to submit designs over the same contest and waiting for ‘luck’ to become the winner).

I wish to get more profitable growth by building own site using any website builder, run a small budget of adwords campaign to promote my service to foreign countries and trying to seeking for quality clients who are willing to pay expensive rate but to get custom design solutions.

Do you think my design level is suitable for that?