Need Wordpress theme like Dominos pizza website


This is rajesh. I am so much exciting to buy your Noo theme - Organicstore theme. My product almost looks like your theme with some minor changes. If you could do it for me, i’ll buy.

Here are my requirements.

My product is purely boxes type not the product wise. like veg/fruits/salads large/medium/small boxes. For example if a user select small veg box, we need to provide them 5 vegitables out of 20 of each 1kg or 500gm quantity. We need to give user an option to select those 5 vegitables out of 20. By default 5 will already selected from our end. He/she can add/remove what he need or don’t. And if he select medium veg box, then we need to provide them 10 vegitables. and so on… The number not yet fixed.

If I say clearly, the website functionality should be like Dominos pizza website.

Is it possible? If yes i’ll buy that theme. Please guide me

Thank you,

If you head over to the item page, you can contact the author of the theme through the comments section, or the contact form on their profile page. They’ll be able to advise you on the functionality and customisation options of the theme.