Wordpress theme for a multivendor food delivery web

Hi, I´m new at this forum.

I´m building up a food delivery web like ubereats, glovo, deliveroo… Can someone help me choosing the the wordpress theme.

I don´t know wich theme can fit better with this idea and what plugin extra I need.

Pd: It´s my first website!


This is beyond ambitious for a first website - the ones you mention above are multi million, if not billion $ businesses, and not built on a stock theme.

There are a huge number of other considerations that are just as important, if not more so than the theme. To scratch the surface (far from everything):

  • Deliveroo, UberEATS etc. are apps not just websites. A WP theme will give you a website which might work nicely on a phone but that is not the same thing as a dedicated app

  • You will need serious (and therefore expensive) hosting

  • You will be responsible for a huge amount of payment, confidential user and business data, meaning that your security would need to be high-end (this is probably top 3 costs to the brands you mentioned earlier)

  • You need to understand how the providers (restaurant) integrate with this. Setting up a profile with a menu is just a start. Your app/site needs to connect payment, delivery times, availability, offers, and more

  • There will be a stream of updates and modifications required which is a problem if using a theme managed and reliant on someone else

  • Depending on where you plan to run the business there are likely to be local legal considerations that need to be adhered to which stock sites are unlikely to cater to ‘out of the box’

These are just some of the basic considerations that will need addressing and huge investment required to manage it properly.