Need suggestions for optimizing my sites


i want your little help , i’m newbie i have make some website but while optimizing in search engine i’m facing some issues.
i have talk with my friend about it and he suggest me to Do it with the Help of seotools
but seotools are very expansive i can’t afford i have search on google and have find i can buy it with groupbuy
also i have talk with some group sellers (links removed)

they looks fine but im affaired about sacm can any one give me review about that


Hi @Rocketwala

If you don’t have experience with optimization then you have to hire a freelancer to do this job. You can hire from here:


i want to do experience that’s why i’m trying my self

can you suggest what i want above?

then you have to study enough. Mean at first you have to know it how it works. In google you can get some resources. Thanks