Need PAID Design/Layout help SimpleMag Theme

I am creating a magazine website using the theme. I am also using for form building (major fan of the plugin, everyday I discover a new capability). I purchased the contest plugin from, which I plan on using for contests.

Since I do not have enough content and do not have the budget for writers, I plan on utilizing user contributions of food, movie, literature, events and other reviews. Finding ways for viewers to submit travel, health, parenting, senior and other subject articles is a primary objective. The contest plugin will be used for this also. Photo, music, video, short story and other contests are planned.

The homepage should be clean and attractive, with usage of popups, modals and other devices used for visitor submissions and contest entry.

I will do the actual work myself, unless there is something that is above my skill level, then I will have a professional complete the task.

A detailed layout of the homepage with labels of which functions from that are used in the creation of the layout, is ultimately what this job is.

Would you mind to drop me an email so we can discuss the details?