Template recommendations are needed!




I spent like a week on searching for a right WP template and I’m kinda lost already, so I’d be very glad if anybody could drop me a link on something I probably didn’t see, What I need:

  • a funky and very modern (not too hipster) magazine template
  • there must be all the classic widgets like “latest”, “trending” etc. The more the better.
  • there must be a rating system implemented both for a website administrator AND the visitors, So the reviwer could show his rate at the end of an article and the users could vote by setting their rate too.

The template called Steam ( http://themeforest.net/item/steam-responsive-retina-review-magazine-theme/5734392 ) seemed to be the perfect choice and I bought it. Though later it became clear it was w-a-a-a-a-ay too heavy and slow for my needs.

So… as I said please give me a good advise :slight_smile:


Hello @idollisimo!

Try these. Hope you find something in here that suits your needs/project!















Thank you! I think I found something interesting :slight_smile: