Need help with troubleshooting.

Hello friendly community.
Today again refusal - quality standards are not suitable …
Ask for help from the community.
What mistakes have I made? and how to fix them?
I will be glad to listen to all advice.

Here is the curator’s comment: - Quality issue -

(Self promotion is not allowed)

It’s strange that your work that was approved doesn’t have a genre category.

Unfortunately, I could not determine the category

Soul R&B - This can be done through the support service

then fill in all the fields and write below that you want to change the category of the track to Soul, R&B
be sure to upload a link to this track.

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Wow! I didn’t know it was self-promotion)) I’m sorry.

As for the genre category, it seemed to me that the track was in the style of Lofi

Usually this genre is poured there.