Need Help!!! Will it be Selected by Graphic River?

Hi There! I just joined Graphic River and I’ve created my first ever pack. But need to know whether it is Professional or not. I’ve created Navigation Bar in 5 different color schemes alongwith Different Web/UI Elements in 5 Different Colors. One Bonus Vertical Navigation Bar in it. Attaching the Screenshot here.

Your design is totally outdated. Looks like 2007 webdesign style.

It’s kinda cool, but like DesignSomething said, it’s pretty outdated.

I could see some of the elements being used in very specific landing pages, but there are a lot of issues outside of being outdated.

  • Some of the colour combinations make it very hard to read
  • Spacing is inconsistent and text is often too close to the edges
  • Inconsistent detailing and theme

I think you’re better off trying something for the gaming market. This sort of design style is still used on game-related websites sometimes.

Thanks a lot, it’ll really help me a lot about improving my design.

I really appreciate about the comprehensive reply on my thread. That’ll surely help me to improve my skills and I’ll start making new designs. Thanks a lot.