Seach criteria

Hi there and hello…

I may not be the first person to ask this, but when I search elements, graphics etc I know what style of result I want. If it’s an Icon, I want an .eps file, if it’s a photo I want a PSD or Jpeg etc.

For Brochures, and printed materials I want Indesign files and/or Illustrator at a push. I can’t stand working on Photoshop files for posters/brochures or mailers…

Can I ask that one of the Seach Critera be “What Programme” would you like to find the element in.

It would cut down so many false dawns of oh… here’s one… on no it’s a photoshop file.

Ohh am I ranting now… ?

Apologies peoples.


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Find an item you like, and then click on the ‘file type included’ that you’re looking for. Then you can filter using the different categories to the left.

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Thanks for the link, I can’t grasp it for now but it will come… thanks again

Heya @garthman,

This is absolutely one of the ideas our team is exploring. We don’t have a timeline at the moment (as the engineering team is quite involved with some big additions coming very soon :wink: ) but it’s definitely something that’s on the cards for the future.

Thanks for raising!