Need help to understand the tax thing.

So… How to put this, I don’t really follow what’s going on in Envato, I just uploaded my item and provide support, care only about my buyers, nothing else. I make little money and doesn’t even need to pay taxes in my country. What will happen if I am unable to provide a tax number? I live in Mauritius island by the way.

You are not required to provide a tax number and you will be charged 30% on the Item Price to US buyers only.

If you don’t complete a Form W-8, then Backup Withholding tax of 28% will be applied to all of your sales on Envato.

Thanks for replying! Does that mean Envato’s cut(I get 50%) + the 30%?

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes that 30% of the item price, Envato takes 20% of the list price as buyer fee + 12.5%-37.5% or 55% (depending on your exclusivity and your sales) of the item price as author fee.

EDIT: Note: that’s not applicable on Graphicriver items.