Need help setting up flat rates in woocommerce

Hi guys!

I own a woocommerce store where I sell products based on quantity, i set min purchase quantity 18 and then 19 to 36 and so on,

For an instance

minimum order qty 18 and rate is $25 if anyone purchases 19 to 36 pcs so shipping cost would be $50, if 37 to 54 shipping cost $75. I sell in only two province like in ontario and quebec. Both provinces rates are varies.

Quebect shipping min cost $25
Ontario shipping min cost $35.

I do not know how to set it, i used short code in flat rate like 1.39*[qty] but it works as per piece cost, i do not want per piece.

I need expert advise and help what to do?


There may be some plug-ins to perform these but I could modify the theme and perform the changes as you wish. (paid support)

If you’re interested in, you can drop me an email to gmail(at)



Hi ki-themes.

I sent you email please check inbox