Anyone else stuck on shipping?

I have a store that sells items with all sorts of different sized decals. Some would come in rolls that are up to 24" x 4" tubes, while others can fit in an envelope. I currently use fixed rate shipping but I need the ability to have USPS or UPS quoted with actual shipping. Flat rate just won’t work for all my orders because it forces me to undercharge big packages and overcharge for small ones. I tried the WooThemes USPS and UPS plugins and they don’t work and they will not support it. Lots of unhappy folks there!

Maybe a custom option is the only way? But I hope not cause that would be $$$$. If anyone knows of a setup that properly quotes shipping for large and small products bundled in the same shipment order I’d love to find that solution!! Thanks in advance.

You can achieve similar solutions by creating product variations with shipping.

Have you also seen this?

Also this:

Unfortunately I’ve only worked with a few WooCommerce projects that really required unique shipping. In most scenarios, our projects have involved local delivery or no requirement outside pre-defined shipping rates.