LF Someone to help sort a small Woocommerce shipping issue

Just looking for some help or suggestions please, willing to pay for someone to help sort this .

My scenario is I have two categories of products (not too many in each) one category is ‘SMALL’ and the other ‘LARGE’ , I have at present a flat rate shipping that offers two selections regular post and express.

This currently displays for all products. What I need to do is have these flat rate shipping options display only when a single ‘Large’ item or mixed ‘Large’ and ‘Small’ items are in the cart, but when only a ‘Small’ item is in the cart I need a different set of shipping options to display.

I have tried to use shipping classes and have setup small and large shipping classes and assigned these to the relevant products in both categories, I have then set ‘Shipping Class Costs’ to Large=0 and Small=-6.45 (my base ‘Flat Rate’ shipping cost is 13.40) this seems to work great if only a small or a large item are in the cart individually, BUT as soon as I mix them the cart displays the lowest price for the small items as opposed to the highest flat rate :frowning: I have ‘Calculation Type’ set for Per Class: charge shipping for each shipping class individually. If I select Per Order: option it just charges the maximum even when a small item is alone in the cart.

I am really perplexed as it seems so simple and cannot find any documentation online that will help, I have purchased wooship and woothemes per product plugins and neither handle this simple task correctly :frowning:

My flat rate shipping setup almost works :slight_smile:


Hope you are doing well.

I have gone through your concern and I have understands your concern regarding multiple shipping based on items in cart. As per your requirement you can not apply multiple shipping method based on product but yes you can apply shipping for a specific class using default WC shipping methods. Also you can apply one forcefully shipping method if the specific class of item in cart.

We have developed Advance Flat Rate shipping Method plugin which will help you to apply shipping method using many rules. Like you can apply shipping method based on Country, Category, Product, based on weight etc…

So you can review our plugin detail: http://codecanyon.net/item/advance-flat-rate-shipping-method-for-woocommerce/15831725 and hope this will help you to achive your functionality.