Need help regarding my html template

Hi Geeks,

I have recently made this template Envato quality team suggest me these changes on tablet. I checked on tablet the theme load properly without these problems. So I don’t know what is that device that they check on my template! Are they using some responsive simulator if yes i would like to have its link.


I’m sure each reviewer has its own way to test the responsiveness of a theme. So better test the theme with a responsive simulator like or resize your browser to smaller resolutions to simulate and find that issue. Make sure to test on Mozilla/Chrome/Safari at least.

Then you can also test on different tablets and smartphones.

Edit: I’ve resized my browser. I couldn’t find the same issue on portfolio section, but there is another one. Each item is half size, then after few seconds the width of each one become 100%

So please take some time and test the item. :wink:


Thanks, Let me check. Did you see horizontal scroll on tablet device. I am not been able to see that on real tablets.

I have checked with the tool you send me. And also tested with different tools no such issue find. My reviewer is very arrogant. I don’t know other templates have so many problems even after approval. But i am very dissapointed because i am not been able to find the issue even on tablet devices

I understand the pain of this situation. I already had the same issue. In the end I have found the issues the reviewer mentioned in their feedback even if at first check I didn’t found it.

Here is the glitch I was talking about in my first post.

Even if it gets accepted with this issue not solved. There will be future customers asking you to fix it.

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OK what about the other things they mentioned. I checked with all simulators, but haven’t find the issue. Shall I submit the theme to resubmission. And tell them i havent find the issue with all simulators and real tablet!

Sure, you can resubmit it and explain this to the reviewer.

You can also submit a ticket to Envato Help Team (here to explain your situation. There is a category on the support for this kind of issues.

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Ok thank you so much!

Hey sir,

Resubmitted my template again. And i have explained the situation also submitted a ticket for help as you mentioned but didn’t received a reply yet!

Support Team doesn’t reply instantly. Can take up to 24-48 hours depending on how many tickets are opened at this moment.

Anyhow, good luck with your item :sunny: !


I haven’t received any reply on my support ticket and its almost 2 days i have posted a ticket

Is there any mean of communicating with my reviewer. I want to change my reviewer ? haha

You can’t choose who will review your item. Usually almost every feedback is provided by different reviewer.


OK, do review process are carrried out on weekends ?

I also got rejections/feedback replies from reviewers in weekend. So from my part the answer is yes.

There are a lot of remote reviewers, working from home so they are working in weekend days too :slight_smile:

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Hi, my item is now temporary held for further review. What is that, this is seriously disgusting

Temporary held for further review status means the current reviewer needs a second opinion from a second reviewer. :slight_smile:

We work with another author who had this recently and it was down to the reviewer questioning the permissions to convert the design.

I am assuming that you got all the right agreements or permissions to convert and sell the PSD design and that the reviewer was made aware of it?

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Hi, in the very first uploading of my item.I mentioned my parternship ticket id with other person. So hope that isn’t a problem.

In my case the problem may be the reviewer taking opinion of other member of the staff for checking the responsive issue that he mentioned on tablet device. Although that issue is very small, so how many days it can take.