NEED HELP - Layers not visible in AE Template

I bought template from Elements and the brick background won’t show when i open it in after effects. It does this in all my AE versions - CS 6, 2015 and 2019. I also have the correct plug in - Elements 3d v 2.2. Any suggestions?

Open a Envato Element Help TIcket
Envato Element Help Center Here

They would like to assist you.


@unlockdesign - Thanks for the reply. i did open a support ticket and they told me that Elements does not offer support on templates. They told me to try posting here.

okay got it!
then wait for reply from someone who is most expert on your task.
or here is another option if your chose Envato studio lot’s of expert are available there

if you want you can take a look on Enavto Studio Freelancer Platform of Enavto.


Hi there, it sounds like Element3D requires to relink the assets. There actually should be a documentation coming with the template that guides you through this. If not, you can google for “relinking assets Element3D” and you should come up with some instructions.

Hi. You need to click on every Element 3D layer and go to Effects Control window and click Scene Setup (Element 3D plugin). Once the Element 3D user interface is open click on “File ->Relink Scene Files”. A frame will pop up, inside this frame click on “Add Path” or “Select Folder” (depending on what Element version you have) and select the folder where the 3D Models files are (for example files with .obj extension). Once you select this folder click OK and 3D models and textures should be relinked correctly and you will see them on screen.
Good luck!