Need help how to fill tax information please.!

I am living in Saudi Arabia, and I understand nothing about tax information in VH website would please anyone could help me to do it and explain me what should I have to fill it. Furthermore, I sold one project in VH website, and I noticed when any American person purchases my product the site take additional tax from me, so do I can recover the funds or not when I complete filling the information of tax.

Saudi Arabia has no tax treaty with the USA, you have now two options here on this marketplace:

  1. not fill out tax infos
    = 28% US Backup Withholding Tax on all your sales, regardless where the purchaser lives

  2. fill out tax infos (with / without Tax ID doesn’t matter without a tax treaty)
    = 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax only on sales to purchasers in the USA

Already paid tax is not recovered by Envato. There is a possibility that you can claim it back next year from your own tax authority but that depends on the tax regime in your country.

Thanks for replied me, sir. I tried to fill the tax form without the Id tax, but still, I could not understand what the “Zip code is.”