Need for help!

Hi to all!

I am asking for help regarding a functionality on my website

I have a dispute with plugin author (youzer) whether the social login is working or not.
I and other users have tested the social login but according to the tests it is not working. Author says that the social login works on their end whereas from my and users experience it isn’t. So i ask anyone for help to test out the social login to clarify the debate.
Please anyone to try to login via facebook or google and to let me know if this is working or not.

Note: If the login is successful i will clear out the login details (let me know what the login details are) and won’t keep, nor use those details for any purpose.
Again. Please help as it’s very important for me as we have been stuck on this matter for quite a long time.

I want to thank anyone who will test this social login in advance.
Many thanks,

There are other ways to test this without forum members having to submit their info.

Set up alternative social profiles

Screen-record the process (working or not)

Make sure you try different browsers

Hi Charlie4282

I have tried all you’ve mentioned. All i need it a LIVE test. I promise that i won’t need nor keep details. I have no need of those details that is why i will delete the info detail soon i see a successful registration.

As i mention before. I have tested it with close/known people and the results are null. But the author says the opposite. I have no intention to blame neither to say that this the author’s fault. But, surely one of us is wrong. That is why i need the help from this platform as members here are more aware of what the issue is and (maybe) identify the issue.

Please believe me! I have tried it all and i strongly believe that this my best and last place where i can ask for help and of course assistance.

Thank you for your input!

I strongly doubt anyone would risk doing it.

While I appreciate the frustration, I also don’t see how there is any difference between someone here doing it OR you creating a new social profile and using that, or having a friend or family do it?

If you have tried that all then what did the author say when you showed the recording of it not working?

Never mind!

-> I strongly doubt anyone would risk doing it
What is to risk here? I’m not asking anyone to open a bank account.

Nonsense. I almost join different sites buy just login in with social net such as fb and what’s the risk on here. Plus i mentioned that i will clear the data as i will not need those data for any reason whatsoever. I explained that in plain English. Yes i am frustrated as my projects are on standby. Of course that is no ones here fault but requesting for help in a forum is the most universal normal thing to do.

If you want helping fine, otherwise spare your thoughts. I don’t need thoughts, i need help in testing the product and to make or not factual that there is or isn’t on issue.

I have done that already by asking family members and friends to that so but author says that he has done the same and there isn’t a problem with the product. I don’t want to become the wikipedia here and show the messages we have exchanged but i am showing you this

Blockquote ranked from the latest message

Sorry, but already discuss with our developer and actually social login library we use can not clear the cache automatically. So it will require user to clear their browser cache first if they want to login with two different accounts on a single browser.

But we are trying to use another social library that possible to clear the cache automatically. So user can login anytime with different accounts aon a single browser.

Sorry for this situation .


-> Yes, thats our cache system library. Thats why I said, you can not use different social account to login on a single browser without clear your browser cache first.

I can’t neither i can force users to clear browser before registering. Most don’t even know how to get to or what it is. So that is out of the question. What about the other sites who use fb or google login? They don’t advice users to take such steps. I believe and would like to suggest to you to create a script to help/avoid/ or clear the cache for/on behalf of the user. Like i said…What about others who use the FB and google login. I have never had to clear the browser before using this type of login.

-> Maybe you can ask your users to record on a video like what you did.

NO one has the time to record. Most aren’t even tech driven people, and are complete ignorant to IT/tech stuff.

-> So we can see why they can not login into your website by suing social login function.

We don’t need to see what they do, because we know what they do. I/you do the same on other’s websites, what they did on my website. Only common sense is enough. The steps are there to take

Click on the icon
once the popup window opens they can see they are asked to enter FB/google login details
Enter login details and job done. 

Aren’t these the same steps as all of us take to login?

Could there be an error on fb/google settings (when registering for outh codes) that i might have done wrong or missed. Could this mistake cause all of this mess? I don’t know. If you think of a common place where everyone or potentially others are making a mistake then please let me know (with a sample) and i will screenshot you that particular area.