Need font identification or Someone to Create it


I recently came across a font in an advertisement for an event and love it. I emailed their marketing department but they tell me that the font was created over 20 years ago for their logo and they do not have the font file. I’ve searched all the font sites and have tried several online font identifier sites. I cannot find this particular font.

Is there anyone here who knows what this font is? If not, is there anyone who can duplicate this font?

Any help is much appreciated and I am willing to pay for the font.


Hello there!

I can create a font for you but I should say it may take at least 6 hours it won’t be cheap. If you’re interested in, please, send me the all letters (Uppercase/Lowercase) JPG/PNG of course to my email address. I could check and offer you a price.




Hello, I’ve received some replies in messages as well but they are all offers to create this font if I can provide the all the glyphs. I do not have them. What you see is it.

I was hoping someone could identify this font and if not, I thought perhaps someone would want to create something similar and I would pay for a “license” to use it. Perhaps I am a little ignorant about fonts and for that I apologize. Regardless, this particular font is not worth it for me to pay thousands of dollars to use in maybe a few projects.

Thank you all for your time and offers.

You could email the owners of the logo and event and ask them if it was a font or a custom designed illustration

Hello, I did email them. They do not know as their logo was created over 20 years ago and the staff has changed. It is not imperative that I find or create this font. There are thousands of fonts available that I could use. I just liked the “W & i” in this and thought the other letters would be equally as nice. It has a nice weight as well.

Hi, @MicheRicke, you could try this?

This is free, and might work out for you.

You would need to scan them all, (well, you might need to change it or get permission regarding copyright) then scan them all.

This tool is pretty useless for detailed fonts, but this one, should be fine?

Good luck.


Hello (Charlie & TM),

Thank you for all your help. Amazingly, I found this font just this morning! I hadn’t checked this topic until just now, but I have bookmarked your link for future use. Anyhow… the font is called “Tiffany.” I found it here…

I am a designer but have never tried to create my own font. I went so far as to download a trial version of a font creator to see how I could try my hand at recreating the font. Luckily… I do not need to do this now. I really need to get back to my project! :wink:

Thanks again everyone!

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