Need feedback to improve sale



Hello guys

This is my theme

got approved on 3 weeks ago and now got only 3 sales

However could you please check the site and see if there is anything I can do to improve sales?



Make it standard WP theme. :slight_smile:

Besides that, design has some errors like overlap on testimonials carousel.


Hello rayoflightt

Thank you so much I will fix testimonial error

And could you please explain more. About to standard?



Add retina support.


Well, with all due respect, you should feel lucky you got even approved. The design looks extremely generic. You are not offering anything which hasn’t been done thousands of times and in much better quality. If you want more sales, try to create more unique items. Ask yourself, why would anybody spend money on your item if they can just buy Avada or other top theme and have basically the same layout, with better design and with MUCH more features for almost the same price (those $10 is not really a deciding factor for most people imho).


I mean, not LayersWP theme, but normal WordPress theme. And work more on design, make it more unique next time.


Thank you for your feedback. i think you are right, i’ll try more! :smile:


Thank you so much :grinning: