Need Feedback for a Good Photoshop Action [hard rejected]

I think this action has more features and is easier to use than many of the current best-seller actions, but still, it was hard-rejected.

It is a photoshop action converting photos into drawings which I’ve spent months working on, so please help with your kind advice, thanks.

this is the Image-Preview for my action.

This video is showing how the action is used, in case you think it has usability problems.
Video Tutorial

You can also check the Html-Desription, if you think that could have any problems.
HTML Description

hi indeed i am not expert for this to say the least but apart from numbers explaining potentially the rejection, i tend to believe that your preview and presentation are just not selling … maybe a wrong selection of captures or initial images …

My opinion is that the action is not bad but presentation image not good (looks too childish). Add more detail and contrast to your photo (this way everything looks kind washed out) and different way of presenting I think it would be ok. Change name and add some things in action to look better if it’s a hard reject.