Photoshop Action has been rejected

hello friends
Photoshop Action,Portrait,Landscape,Winter Effect, has been rejected
They said it isnt at the quality standard to move forward, i work more 5 years about Photshop and After Effect too, but i dont know what they didnt find quality in my file Actions for Photoshop.
can you tell me what kind of quality they want to put here?

best regards : Labi

hi this is hard to tell as such as for me i did not see anything shocking during the video preview … the result looks efficient … juts a question, did u if they have a lot of these effects already? that maybe a reason, if they have many of them already they may not feel interested in having another one (not sure lol ) …

Thanks bro. This is what they write to me …Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Photoshop Action,Portrait,Landscape,Winter Effect” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again…
I dont know,if they reject everytime for us is not good

The actions looks pretty good but the video presentation is totally outdated. Keep in mind that a good and trendy presentation will sell your product.

i may agree with u but what are we considerign when we are reviewing an item, the professionalim and efficiency of it or the presentation? in my caee i cannot believe that en item could be binned for a presentation, and if so it a big mistake in my view … in this case, a soft rejection, a message to explain would be welcome i think and i am sure that people would in review teams would rather do like this …

What grabs my attention about this video was that cursive font that is unreadable and the amateurish overall look and feel.

I don’t know how much the presentation matters into the review process but for me it is very important.
I have items that I’ve worked more on presentation than the item itself
I have products that starts to sell much better after I changed the presentation.

In this case the customers needs to see and understand all the actions included.
It is more efficient to present your actions using before and after technique into a external landing page rather then a video.

You can use one of this scripts to create a very cool landing page presentation for your actions.

Thanks friend,I accept every response to yours,respect