Need Discount On A Wordpress Theme

Helo. I have 57$ as a deposit in my account and I want to purchase Bimber theme but it is listed for 59$ so is there any discount of 2$ possible. If not then can ThemeForest authors add 2$ manually in my account if I pay them because if I deposited 20$ minimum then it will be a waste of 18$ for me as I am not planning to buy anything else from Envato market.

Any help from authors is appreciated. Please solve the query if possible.

Hello :slight_smile:

I would recommend to chnage your mind and buy my theme instead … that is the only way I am aware of… My theme now is on sales for 35$… or you can try to email the author

Here is the link:

The only way this would be possible would be for the author to reduce the cos of their file to everyone to suit your situation - unfortunately this is unlikely.

Are you sure it is just $2 - the price doesn’t include VAT etc. so you may need more?

Likewise the minimum deposit cannot be overwritten by anyone.