Need an exciting, fun themesong for my series

I’m looking for something to use in an animated series that would match the tone of this:

Been looking all over and can’t quite find the right tone. And yes, the intention is to set the song to quite a lot of… killing.


Hello, I’m not sure but maybe this track has the right mood you need …

Hope you enjoy it. Good luck for you project :wink:

If you want we can collaborate. I can realize a specific track also

Oh sorry I don’t have a theme song like that intro, though checking out the link you gave couldn’t help thinking something like this underlying might help, nice and tense.

Possibly the chorus of this song?

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Hey @ohigetjokes

I can suggest this one:

Or may be one of these:

Good afternoon.

I can offer tracks of different characters:

Hey mate ! if you didnt find anything check this

or this


Of all the replies so far, this is the closest - I really enjoyed the track a lot!

The minute or so starting at around 1:00-ish really matched the pacing and frenzied tone I’m looking for.

Only thing it’s lacking is a kind of… it’s not as happy as I’d hoped.

Now, I could see using it anyway… like I said, you matched the frenzy I’m need, which I didn’t realize until today was the word I was looking for, but… do you have anything that sounds like a party?

Thank you so much! frenzy is a perfect word to express what I felt by making that track! I’m not sure if these track are good for a “party mood…”

Dubstep World ( from 2:23 in preview for faster version )

Fight to win (maybe is too slow…)

Action Dubstep (a good frenetic “crescendo”)

Hi, you can check these tracks please.

Thanks for listen.


Hi! May be one of these:

Hi @ohigetjokes, Here is some frenzy. Good luck on the project!