Need an exciting, fun themesong for my series



I’m looking for something to use in an animated series that would match the tone of this:

Been looking all over and can’t quite find the right tone. And yes, the intention is to set the song to quite a lot of… killing.



Hello, I’m not sure but maybe this track has the right mood you need …

Hope you enjoy it. Good luck for you project :wink:

If you want we can collaborate. I can realize a specific track also


Oh sorry I don’t have a theme song like that intro, though checking out the link you gave couldn’t help thinking something like this underlying might help, nice and tense.


Possibly the chorus of this song?


Hey @ohigetjokes

I can suggest this one:

Or may be one of these:


Good afternoon.

I can offer tracks of different characters:


Hey mate ! if you didnt find anything check this

or this



Of all the replies so far, this is the closest - I really enjoyed the track a lot!

The minute or so starting at around 1:00-ish really matched the pacing and frenzied tone I’m looking for.

Only thing it’s lacking is a kind of… it’s not as happy as I’d hoped.

Now, I could see using it anyway… like I said, you matched the frenzy I’m need, which I didn’t realize until today was the word I was looking for, but… do you have anything that sounds like a party?


Thank you so much! frenzy is a perfect word to express what I felt by making that track! I’m not sure if these track are good for a “party mood…”

Dubstep World ( from 2:23 in preview for faster version )

Fight to win (maybe is too slow…)

Action Dubstep (a good frenetic “crescendo”)


Hi, you can check these tracks please.

Thanks for listen.



Hi! May be one of these:


Hi @ohigetjokes, Here is some frenzy. Good luck on the project!