Looking for a track like this in Audiojungle:



Or please private message me as I have something very similar to what you need just not on this site.


Hi Douglas, Here are some candidates. I can modify them as needed. Good luck with the project! - Mike


Hi Douglas! You can listen here:

Glamorous Show

Fashion Groove

112 Seconds

Fashion Style


Perhaps I’m not even close, but please take a listen to these…


Hi, a track like this:


here’s an idea


Hello, I think these may be a good fit. I have others which are currently in production that are equally suited, feel free to contact me for more options. I’m happy to modify any tracks of mine to suit people’s individual needs.

http://audiojungle.net/item/electronic/14573636 (particularly from 0:26 onwards)
http://audiojungle.net/item/electro-rock/13847331 (best bit is from 0:55 but the whole track builds)


Hello! Try!


Maybe this will suit… It has 3 versions…


Nice use of the song Gesaffelstein - Pursuit. I doubt a song like this would have been approved here on AJ. Hehe. But I could easily make something like this for you.


Hi guys! Thanks for the reply, but i really need something like the video. I need a heavy, badass and non innocent track hahaha. Because the project have moments like this video.
Someone have more options like the video?


Hi @douglasaraujo - Trying with another offer that is more “badass” and tension building. Good luck! - Mike


Hi @douglasaraujo! Here are 2 tracks:


Hi, these can be fit, please check.


Here is two songs of mine:
Drum & Bass
Drum and Bass Breakbeat


Probably too late, for the next time maybe :wink: